Service apartments are designed to cater to the short term and long term requirements of stay by travellers who would rather stay in a furnished and well equipped apartment than a hotel room. They want to find a home away from their home when they are travelling and hence choose to stay at these apartments at it provides them with good facilities and equipment. A lot of people are turning towards this kind of arrangement as it allows them to be more flexible and comfortable on their travel, especially if they have to stay for a longer duration.


Serviced Apartments London has become popular for the apartments it offers to its guests at a reasonable price. The reasons why many people are renting service apartments are as follows:

  • Cheaper

It is cheaper and more reasonable when compare to hotel rooms. If the person has to stay for more than a couple of days or even for a longer duration, then service apartments work out better in terms of cost.

  • You can stay in large groups

Since the apartment has many rooms to offer, families or friends travelling in larger groups can all stay under one roof. Everyone can be accommodated in different rooms and the entire group can stay and have fun together.

  • Provides a homely feeling

The service apartments are meant to give theirs guests homely feeling so they do not feel uncomfortable in a new place. This adds a personal touch for the guests as opposed to a hotel room which seems impersonal. They also provide amenities such as laundry, housekeeping, restaurants, and much more so that the guests are always comfortable.

  • Has lots of amenities

Service apartments have lots of amenities in them such as TV, fridge, blender, microwave, and much more which can be use by the guests. They can also cook their own meals in the well-equipped kitchens and feel more at home. The cost of using these amenities in included in the cost of the rent.

  • You can choose your location

You can choose the location at which you want to stay, be it near your office, malls, restaurants, etc. and be in close proximity to your desired places. There are many service apartments available all over the city in every area.

Cheap Serviced Apartments London are also available for rent in almost all parts of the city where the guests can stay and feel at home. They do not charge a lot of rent and maybe semi-furnished in nature. People who are on business for a longer duration of time usually opt for these types of apartments as they have to pay the rent for a longer period of time. These apartments may not necessarily have all the amenities that fully furnished service apartments would have, but it would have the basic ones which are needed by the guests on a regular basis. These apartments are tied up with corporate clients and usually their employees stay in it while travelling on business.