It is every individual’s desire to own a home in a metro city like Mumbai. Mumbai is a supremely populated city and is often referred to as the city of dreams or the city that never sleeps. And, it is true in several ways because people from all cultures and backgrounds reside here. Individuals from across India have migrated and settled in Mumbai in search of jobs. It is the financial capital of India and people here come with a lot of dreams in their heart to make a living. The big giant industry – the Bollywood is here in Mumbai. Bandra, Goregaon, Juhu and Malad among other nearby places are a hub for events and all the celebrities reside mostly in these areas. Hence, it is assumed that purchasing a house in such a locality is nearly impossible for working class population.


However, there is surely a flip part to consider. Thanks to the new developments in the real estate sector and relaxed government policies, the real estate developers have started building affordable properties for the Mumbaikars who dream of owning a property in Goregaon or such central locations in the city. People here understand the value of owning a home in the city. The rental rates are extremely high. Hence, from the investment perspective also, it is a perfect time to purchase a property in Mumbai. Here are some of the points that reveal why it is a good time to invest in a property in Malad or Goregaon and nearby places.

World class amenities: The real estate developers offer world class amenities even if you buy 1RK or 1 BHK In Malad among other places. With more and more builders and real estate developers coming up, there is ample opportunity for buyers to choose from. Even young individuals who earn a stable income can now easily avail loans and upgrade their lifestyle by owning a flat in the heart of Mumbai. The amenities that top builders provide are unarguably the best.

International style architecture:The construction of such affordable housing properties is classic. Builders are opting for international style architecture that gives the apartments a royal look and feel. The homes are intelligently designed, and no space is left unutilized. The space management is apt giving more room and more space for living.

Mumbai’s bestselling properties: Properties in Goregaon and 1 BHK flats in Malad are among the bestselling properties in Mumbai. Since the Easy Housing Loan  system, many people are now considering investing in properties. They get rental revenue and the property rate keep on increasing. The newly build or under construction properties are being made available in prices as low as 45 to 50 lakhs for 1 BHK homes. This is a must buy price for everyone who desires a home in central Mumbai where there is amazing connectivity! Since all the aspects of purchasing an affordable property in Mumbai have pointed out, it is time to make the right decision and make good investments for your future.