There are various options available for an architect to do work. In particular, an architect designs a building to be constructed as well as supervise while the construction that is going on. They can also work for various Architecture Firms in Pune as a design architect so as to only design various buildings without going to the site while the building is being constructed. These designs can be prepared in two formats. One is using hard materials such as material prototypes or paper design and second is with the help of various designing software such as Auto CAD etc.

Architecture Firms in Pune

Work of an Architect

An architect basically analyses the requirements of the clients like what exactly they want. Suppose, a client needs a building only for group meetings so for that the architect will develop a plan with more space depending upon the count of the people on an average who will attend the meetings. Take another example of design, like for opening a restaurant. The architect will think of making two sections. One for the owner and preparation of dishes and other for the customers to have the food. In this way, the architect analyses the requirements of the clients and then start developing the design.

Once the design gets a thumbs up from the client side, the architect needs to start with the planning to construct the building. He will plan for the manpower as well as the materials too. Once after every planning is done, he will supervise the construction work to get what exactly he or she has planned. In these processes, he uses his experience that he gets while working on practical’s and also utilizes the knowledge that he or she gains during their education. They also need to be updated for the various standards of the materials.

How to be an Architect?

To be an architect, the candidate needs to have a bachelor’s degree in the field of Architecture. There are several types of these degrees such as Building architecture, Landscape architecture and Naval Architecture. It all depends on the candidate like on which field he or she wants to have a degree for being an architect. On an average, this degree will require 3 to 4 years for completion. The salary of an architect may start from seventy to eighty thousand and can reach up to lacs and crores based on their experience and knowledge.

Building Architects basically design and construct a blueprint based on the requirement of the client. Some of the architects also design various building in different software which is a more efficient way of designing the prototype of a building. They can easily modify the changes needed in the old design. Architects in Pune are helping the various construction companies in constructing the different exciting buildings. There is a number of designs that need to be constructed by the architects before finalizing the most appropriable one which considers all the requirements.