Birthdays are special! Everyone excitedly waits for their birthday, has plans and wishes to celebrate the day with friends and family. Especially for children, it is the day that they wait to celebrate the entire year! It is indeed very special for children and so is for parents! If you are a parent, you totally understand the emotion. It’s the day when your little one first came to this world and you cherish it. You are as much excited as your kids for their birthday and want to make it super special.

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Planning a fun birthday party for kids can be a daunting task. There are hundreds of things to do. The guest list, kids themed décor, play area, managing and arranging games and so on! Also, having the most perfect cake for the event! Yes, cakes are the most important aspect of any celebration. For kids, cutting the birthday cake is the most exciting part of the party. The celebration is incomplete without all the children singing ‘Happy Birthday To You’ while the cake is being cut and the candles are blown! So, if it is such an important part, then why should any ordinary cake be the centre of the attraction?

Theme Cakes and Customised cakes: Themed birthday cakes are extremely popular amongst the kids. Animal themed cakes or cartoon themed cakes are usually a hot choice of parents and kids. You can order a specialised cake with a cartoon character which is an all time favourite of your child. Like Doremon, chotabheem or pokemon cakes can be some of the best options. You can also choose colours and additional flavours too. Ordering themed Cakes In Mumbai is very easy. These can be ordered online or at any local cakes shop. You can buy Cakes in Mumbai which are easily customisable, this option has become hugely popular in cities. With plenty of options available, go plan a perfect birthday party for your children and make their day a memorable one!

3D Cakes: 3D cakes are also known as layered cakes! Three layers or two layered cakes with delicious flavours not only taste good but are extremely gorgeous! They are eye catching and could be the best choice for your kids. You can have 3D cakes made especially for your kids keeping in mind their likes and preferences. If they love chocolate and strawberry, you can order a cute mix cake for your child and bring a smile of his face!

Photo Cakes: Photo cakes have images or pictures literally printed on your cakes. You must have seen such cakes online as these days they have gained a lot of popularity. You can a special photo themed cake for your child with his cute picture on it! Or a perfect family picture can also work like magic and will surely make all the guest go ‘aww’! If you have a baby girl who loves Disney princesses, you can steal the opportunity to surprise her with a princess photo theme cake!