As defined by the World Health Organization, ‘Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not just the absence of disease or infirmity.’ Often it was attended to as only reproductive health. But now things have changed.

In the present scenario there are issues which affect both men and women, but women can get affected differently. Say for example,

  • Women are more susceptible to die succeeding a heart attack than men
  • Women are more susceptible to exhibit signs of anxiety than men
  • Women are more susceptible to urinary tract infection
  • The consequences of the sexually transmitted disease may be serious in women
  • Effects of osteoarthritis are severe in women than in men

women’s Health

Here five reasons degrading women’s Health and should be abolished are discussed:

  1. The Stress of Depression and Anxiety– This can be seen in a better perspective. The most important thing is to take out valuable time for self, on a daily basis to invest time in thinking. This could be through meditation or a short span of time for introspection to set attainable goals. Such check-ins in a great way recalibrate and starts to analyze stress in a broader vision. Also walking in fresh air every day than in a closed air-conditioned room is much more rewarding.

Women are of the nature to put everybody ahead other than themselves, not realising that it is happening at the cost of their health. They cannot be best selves if they are feeling tired and miserable. It’s said that women are the backbone of the family.

  1. Financial Matters – Instead of going for cosmetic procedure women might as well splurge on a vacation, gym membership or spa. Women are having a secure feeling with a ‘rocking bank savings’ than a ‘rocking look’. In whatever age a woman is she must prioritise her finances. Financial health is a vital key to women’s wellness. There are women being in financial constraint postpone going to doctors, to cut down on bills, but dangerously take pills without consulting. Stressing about money leads to headaches, high blood pressure and other ailments.
  2. Harassment – Social media has played a pivotal role in allowing and empowering women to voice their own narration instead of diluted conversation by mainstream media. Women must speak up if any harassment is encountered by them. It is healthy for women to be laudable. To make a public disclosure or file a police report is subject to her personal decision which requires caution. Moreover speaking about sexual assault in a therapeutic surrounding can help recovery.
  1. Balancing work-life with Family and Friends – Women constantly worry at work about home and household jobs and at home feel guilty of not working. They are worried about work-life balance. This magnifies anxiety. One must practice doing all work at work and all homes at home. When women take time off or my time is included in daily life women wellness is achieved.
  1. Body Image – A shift from ‘perfect swimbody’ to ‘perfect happy body’ is quintessential. Women must appreciate what all her body can do and should not stress

Thus, by not caring about these issues women can gain a foothold and be prepared to overcome physical and emotional anxieties coming in their life.