Skin Whitening creams are those substances that are used to reduce the skin’s melanin content thereby achieving a lighter skin tone. These are also known as bleaching or skin lightening creams. It is also used to get rid of uneven pigmentation. Nowadays, there is a wide range of skin whitening creams. There is separate Skin Whitening Cream For Men and women.

skin whitening cream for men

The Skin Whitening Cream For Women differs from that of Skin whitening Cream For Men on the basis of the fact that both have different skin types. With the increase in the number of choices increases the confusion on which one to choose. Normally, one should choose a skin lightening cream depending on the effect it would have on one’s skin and also its safety.

It doesn’t become difficult to choose a skin whitening cream if people know what they are looking for. First of all, they must ensure the safety of the product. It should be comfortable for the customer’s skin type and shouldn’t create negative side effects. The skin whitening creams that protect the skin from the UV rays of Sun are preferred. They should also be effective in removing the dead skin cells from the surface and rejuvenating the skin.

While choosing the best skin whitening cream, please also check for the following ingredients in the cream.

  1. Arbutin: It is a substance that is extracted from leaves of berries. It is scientifically known for its melanin-inhibiting properties. The creams that contain arbutin can help in depigmentation and in reducing spots.
  2. Kojic Acid: It is derived from rice fermentation. It is a popularly used skin lightening ingredient. Since it is a natural ingredient there are little adverse side effects.
  3. Octinoxate: It acts as a UV filter. Hence, octinoxate is widely used in sunscreen lotions, lip balms etc. It helps in absorbing the UV rays of the sun thereby protecting from skin damages.
  4. Retinol: It is also known as Vitamin A1. It is found in our dietary supplements. The main benefit of retinol is that it reduces and prevents fine line and wrinkles. Therefore, one doesn’t have to bother about skin ageing.  It is used as a skincare ingredient to make even tone and remove visible signs of ageing by renewing the skin cells.
  5. Vitamin E Acetate: This ingredient is known for its antioxidant properties and is often used in cosmetic formulations due to its skincare benefits. Vitamin E acetate is a natural skin conditioning agent.
  6. Lemon juice extract: In every skin whitening product, there must be an ingredient used for the purpose of bleaching. It is wise to choose those creams that use lemon extracts as the bleaching agent. This is because it is natural and so would not have negative side effects on the skin. Moreover, it is compatible with every skin type.

The above-mentioned ingredients are naturally obtained and not artificially created ones. Consequently, they wouldn’t react negatively with the skin. So looking for these ingredients while selecting the skin whitening creams would, in turn, provide positive results for the skin. Also, it would help in achieving a lighter, glowing and supple skin. Aside from the ingredients, also check the purpose of the cream. Various skin care products have various purposes.