In the present day world, hair is one of the most important aspects of any one’s looks. Various kinds of hairstyles are now being developed so that people look more stylish and attractive. Hair is an important aspect of any person’s body. It needs to be taken great care of because it is exposed to the outside environment directly. It is exposed to dust, pollution, strong winds and a lot more. Hence it can get easily damaged.

What is the biological composition of hair?

Hair is a filament of protein that generally grows from follicles that are located in the skin or the dermis. It is one of the features that distinguish the class of mammals from other kinds of living beings like reptiles and amphibians. The body of human beings is totally covered with follicles, barring certain areas, which produce hair. This hair is mostly fine in nature. The common areas of research and interest that are related to hair are growth of hair as well care of this hair. This hair care varies according to the type of hair.

Hair, primarily, is made up of keratin, which is a protein by nature. The various steps taken for various operations performed on hair depend on the type of hair that is chosen. Various kinds of hairstyles or the process of removing hair will vary according to the place it is taking place is as well as the type of hair it is being performed upon.

What is hair fall and why does it occur?

Hair Fall SolutionThe regular fall or loss of hair from head of a person can be termed as hair. It is a pattern that is more commonly seen in males than in females. This is the reason why baldness is a more common pattern in the males than in the females. Despite this, loss of hair and thinning of hair is also seen in women as well.

The cause for this could vary from medical reasons like shortage of the necessary vitamins in the body to more complex reasons like the various conditions in which the body is functioning. This generally means that there is a lot of mental or physical stress that the body is undergoing. There are various companies that provide a hair fall solution so that people can solve this problem easily.

What are some of the ways to reduce the fall of hair?

There are a few methods which people can follow to reduce the fall of hair. One of the most common methods is to massage the scalp with hot oil. Coconut and olive oils are generally preferred. After massaging, shampoo the hair after an hour. Apart from this, applying juices of garlic, onion or ginger also helps. Practicing meditation also helps to reduce the physical stress. Lastly, applying anti-oxidants like green tea, for an hour, also reduces the fall of hair.

Eyova is also used very often for taking care of the hair. It has the egg oil as one of the chief components. This oil is taken from the yolk of eggs of chicken. It is mainly used for strengthening of the hair. Apart from this, people should apply conditioner to their hair at regular intervals of time as well as keep on trimming them. The hair must also be covered while going out to prevent them from dust.