Education is not something one can deem as secondary priority. It requires quality and attention. Students often compromise their studies due to lack of resources, and often it is the shortfall of money which compels a student to give up on his dreams.

Student loans are one such way with which a student can easily borrow money with minimum or zero interest rate through lenders. The lenders can be Federal or Private Student Loans. They put a hand forward to help aspiring students to excel and get the education which takes you to their destination.

Private Student Loans

Types of Student Loans

Taking up a student loan can be easy with the right knowledge about it otherwise there are some chances that you will be involved in the wrong kind of loan. Firstly, it is necessary to know your requirements because banks and companies can provide you with a 100% loan but it is better to know the amount which you can pay back. Secondly, student loans can be of two types viz. Federal student loans or private student loans. They have their pros and cons which are mentioned below.

  • Federal Loan

The federal government passes federal loans through banks or companies. Generally, they have the benefit of a lower interest rate, and there is no restriction of repayment, just after the completion of your course.Although a part of the federal loan is forgiven for the employees of specific companies, they have their loan limits, and often they pay less amount of money. Also, if the students fail to repay the loan, then he will be declared bankrupt under certain conditions.

  • Private Loan

Unlike Federal loans, private loans are issued by the banks and other private companies. The private student loan can be taken up by a graduate, undergraduate or anyone pursuing any course and even for the preparation of any competitive exam. The advantage which makes it more beneficial to that of federal loans is that it doesn’t have the restriction of the type, of course, a student is opting. It can be an educational course or a skill development course. Also, some companies provide loans with minimum documentation and almost zero interest rates.

Advantages of Private Student loans

Private loans have few perks over Federal student loans such as,

  • They provide higher amount with low-interest rates.
  • The student can choose a repayment policy according to his convenience.
  • Private loans can be availed for other necessities such as rooms, tuition fee, equipment, transportation and other personal needs.
  • A cosigner can increase the chance for better interest rates for the loan.
  • Refinancing of the loan can be done in the future according to the needs.

Education loan not only helps a student get through the top institutions but also it has other benefits such as it makes a student responsible as well it has tax benefits which help to release a burden of payment for a student. Knowing the need, a student can avail federal and Private Student Loans. It is suggested that one should keep the pros and cons of the type of loan one is availing in mind, so that maximum benefits can be rendered out of it.