What is Service Apartment?

An Apartment with all the amenities like a comfort living room, fully furnished bedroom, kitchen, fitness center, laundry room and there will be room service also available. It is available for short term and long term according to the convenience of the customer. Mostly corporate professionals choose the service apartment for their clients or for the international employees who doesn’t have their home in the working location. When the people move to the new city they choose to accommodate themselves in the service apartment instead of hotels. Since there will be lots of restriction and rules and regulation in the hotel room but in the service apartment you can enjoy and feel like staying in your house.


Structure of Service Apartment

When you book a service apartment, you will feel like staying in your own place. It gives more convenience than a staying in a hotel. There are 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms, and even 5 bedrooms are also available. The rooms will be fully furnished with all the materials including the groceries which are needed in the kitchen. The laundry facilities are also available. The service apartments are bigger than a hotel room with more comfort. The apartment will also be having the additional features like stereo, wireless internet, television, cooking maid, cleaning maid, fridge, microwave oven and many other facilities also.


The booking for the service apartments is available in advance booking system also. And there are many service apartments you can also book through online. In Online facilities you can see all the features which will be mentioned in the websites and you can be comfortable while travelling from one country to another country. The service apartments are available according to one’s budget. For instance, it is not only for the company executives but also for the normal people who come as a tourist to visit many places and enjoy.

How to choose

Before choosing a service apartment, if you are a company executive you can choose nearest to your office premises. If you are a tourist you can choose to the center of the city, by which you can visit all the places like tourist places, shopping mall, Cinema Theater and even near to hospitals, transportation mode, etc you should not feel any hassle by choosing the apartment. The service apartment should also contain separate parking area for each and every apartment separately so that you can even park your car for any emergency. The best and most important aspect in choosing the service apartment is much cost efficient compared to the hotels and a person will have the full freedom. There are many persons in London choose service apartment instead of the hotel because you can find the best apartment with all the facilities in it.

Therefore when you are planning a trip next time to any of the places in the world you can book the service apartment in advance through online by which you can save the time and once you have reached your destination you can even take rest instead of searching an apartment after travelling a distance.

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